Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is Why I Love Max Bemis

Max Bemis is amazing. He's been answering questions about Say Anything, their new album, their old stuff, etc. via Twitter recently and today he was asked a question about songwriting. Here's what he had to say:

@danenglishh songwriting; I think the first step is coNfidence; realize what u have to say is worthwhile; u can write as well as ur idols

I completely agree. I've always had confidence issues with my art; I can't live up to my heroes, I'm just not that good, I actually think something's good but I don't want to sound cocky. I'm starting to realize that putting myself down is such bullshit. Letting those vampires get to me isn't going to get me anywhere. So I've been going with an attitude of "Fuck it, I'm awesome,". I won't boast or be douchy about it or anything, but I'm done putting myself down in public. I'm going to start speaking up for my work; if I think something's good, I might as well say so. It's some weird complex that comes with being a girl; we seem to have contests where we sort of brag about how lame we are (i.e. "I'm fat," "I can't sing," "I'm not as pretty as Megan Fox,") and whoever has the most problems wins. I find it kind of really annoying. I'm making it my goal this year to complain less and feel as awesome as I possibly can (without being a douchbag and putting anyone else down). And it's going to start with trying new things. Screenwriting, songwriting, photography, coaching color guard, I'm gonna try to do it all and maintain my sanity. It's gonna be a fun year. :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Syracuse Reflections and Ramblings

As my time at Syracuse is coming to a close (crossies for now, at least) I've been thinking about my time here. It's going to be pretty strange coming home. I've gotten so used to living here, sometimes I forget what my room looks like. Ok, that's kind of a stretch, but you get the point. This has become like a second home. Sure, there's not much to do off campus. Sure, I have a pretty small circle of friends. Sure, I've been working pretty damn hard in the summer. Otherwise, though, I've had a pretty good time here. I've learned so much, and I've solidified my choice to be a communications major. Yeah, whatever, I'm still a little torn between journalism and TV/Film, but I've learned enough about both subjects to make a decision at some point. Besides, with most of the schools I'm applying to, you don't even have to declare a specific major within the communications school before your junior year. Plus, taking voice lessons here, I'd be happy to minor in vocal performance. I'm not going to let myself stop singing just because I'm not majoring in music. As with everything here, this program has made me realize that I can do this whole college thing. I'll be alright. Honestly, I'll be happy to come home but I'll be really sad to leave. I like Syracuse and I'll definitely be applying here in the fall. Better start stocking up on warm clothes. :)

On a different note, there's some super-sick concerts coming up back home that I'm dying to see:

8/27 - blink-182, Weezer, Taking Back Sunday, Chester French - Susquehana Bank Center - Chances of going: Very high, seeing as I already have tickets. I just had to add this again because I'm that excited. :)

9/17 - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Nightman Cometh Live - Tower Theater - Chances of going: Mediocre. I would love to see the live version of the completely absurd musical from the TV show (which was absolutely hilarious), but considering the amount of concerts in September (and the possible lack of tickets available) it may not happen. However, we can hope.

9/19-9/20 - Dave Matthews Band - Susquehana Bank Center - Chances of going - Relatively high, I mentioned the show to my parents a few weeks ago and they seemed game. Yeah, going to shows with your parents is a little lame, but everyone needs a good excuse. I'm a big fan of the DMB and have yet to see all of them live (I saw Dave alone at Farm Aid '06). And I'm fairly certain I won't be the only Radnorite there.

9/23 - The Walkmen - TLA - Chances of going: Medium. I do like the Walkmen, though I only know some of their music. I'm always up for a good show, and I jumped a little at the chance to see these guys with my friend Laura. However, my chances of going have been lowered by the fact that this next show is the next day...

9/24 - Regina Spektor - Electric Factory - Chances of going: In my opinion, high. I will be at this show. I kind of need to see my idol live. It's on a weeknight, you say? Psh, hasn't stopped me before. :)

9/25 - The Spring Standards - Kennet Square, PA - Chances of going: Unfortunately slim. Yes, this trio is one of my faves (definitely check them out if you haven't heard of them, they're delectible), but unfortunately they scheduled a concert on a Friday night during football season, which means I will be twirling a flag on the football field instead. The things we sacrifice for love.

11/1 - Say Anything with Eisley, Moneen, and Moving Mountains - TLA - Chances of going: High. I'm going to this one, no questions asked. Say Anything is just too good to miss, and Eisley ain't half bad either. I'm so excited for what's in store from SA; new single and video in a few weeks, new album in October, concerts galore, all of which I'm sure will be excellent.

Needless to say, It's gonna be a fun fall. :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lists and Things.

Since I haven't blogged in a little while and I don't have anything substantial to write about, I figured I'd make some lists.

3 Things I'm Not Proud Of:
1. My impulsivity - I have AD/HD, and most of the time, you'd never know it. Except when I act out of impulse. Like when I get carried away and don't think things over. Or like Friday when I dropped $205 at American Eagle in about a half an hour, and then proceeded to return $60 of it five minutes later out of fear that I wouldn't be able to eat for the next 2 weeks. Which leads me to...
2. My anxiety - I'm a worrier. I get stressed out by things that I can't control and start worrying. I think it's in my DNA, I come from two families of worry-warts. I'm learning to control it, though, along with my impulsivity. Plus, I'm learning to embrace spontaineity, rather than let it stress me out. But enough about my psychological woes...
3. The music I've been listening to lately - i.e. Pitbull, Lady Gaga, "Stanky Legg", Solja's bad. However, catchy as it may be, I am deeply disturbed by Shakira's "She Wolf". What happened, Shakira? WHERE'S THE BELLY-DANCING? THE LATINA SOUND? And auto-tune? Really? I thought you were better than that.

3 Things I'm Looking Forward to...
1. My 18th birthday - Holy poop, how did I get this old? I don't really feel 18; I feel a little more innocent than my peers since I don't drink or party and I didn't get my license until last June even though I could've had it in March '08. For being one of the oldest people in my grade, I feel like the least mature. Then again, sometimes (and this is going to sound soooo hipster) I feel a little more emotionally mature than them. It's a weird place to be, but I'm OK with who I am. I don't really feel the need to do anything more I am now. Getting back to the subject, though, I just love birthdays. They're a good time: presents, friends, being princess-for-a-day :). Besides, I'm gonna have to make up for the semi-suckfest of a birthday I had last year; true I had a solid party, went to Broadway on Broadway, and saw [title of show], but I had a driving class and a practice SAT test on my actual birthday and some people kinda bailed on my party. I shouldn't really talk, though, it ended up being a good time.
2. The End of this Summer College - Yes, I'll be sad when it's over. Yes, I'm having a good time. However, I'm ready to come home. I miss my family, Teddy, my boy, my friends (many of whom are leaving for college before I get back) and my bed. Not to mention not having to do work, although with my luck, my mom would be nagging me to do college apps/summer reading anyway. Plus, when I leave I get to go to my uncle's lake house on Canandaigua Lake for 4 days of sun, swimming, wakeboarding, and family nagging (annoying, but endearing). I could really use a vacation at this point in the game.
3. The blink-182 Concert - Thanks to the wonderful Mr. Russell Weidenmiller, I've been rediscovering blink's jams and getting really pumped for this show. The setlist looks awesome, and Travis's spinning drum solo just sounds so epic. Not to mention the fact that Weezer is opening for them! This will be a musical event/blast from the 90's past of epic proportions.

3 Favorite Youtube Channels
1. jaaaaaaa - Julia Nunes is my ukulele hero. She's so very entertaining and seems like a legitimately nice person. Not to mention, she's out there doing what she loves, which I really admire. She makes her covers her own, and writes super-sick songs. One time I did a stickam chat with her and she answered my question ("How do you feel about the song 'Birthday Sex'?" She's not a fan.)! Of course she's playing a show near me next weekend, and of course I can't go. Damn field trips to Niagra Falls! Ok, I'll stop geeking out now, go check her out! Personal fave videos: "Woe", "Balloons", "Jesus Walks", "Bubbly", "Underdog", any of her answers videos.
2. The Battery's Down - I've followed this online comedy series about a guy (generally unsuccessfully) trying to make his way as an actor since the beginning. Jake Wilson is a genius. As with any series, some episodes are better than others, but overall the acting, singing and dancing is great! Creator, writer and star Jake Wilson is really creative and rather talented. Plus, some episodes have some sweet Broadway guest stars. Definitely one to check out if you're a theatre dork like me. :)
3. schmoyoho - This is a recent fave of mine. These guys (The Gregory Brothers) do the popular "Auto-Tune the News" series, and whenever I get to see politicians and newspeople sing and dance, I'm all in. They're songs are damn catchy, too, addicting even. In this case, it's true: everything does sound better Auto-Tuned.

Wow, I get on a topic and I just keep going. So much for having nothing to talk about. :)